How to get the best deal every time you book a hotel stay

Make sure you get the best deal going when you are booking your hotel.

As we all know, one of the biggest expenses after the flights is where we stay. Sometimes, price isn’t a problem, but for the majority, those occasions are few and far between. The reality is that we always want to get the best deal we can, whether it’s a hotel, a bed and breakfast, luxury villa or a house share. I personally think the reason behind this is because when I go on holiday, it’s usually to see the destination, the sites, the sounds, the food, the people and the atmosphere. Most of those aren’t usually found in your chosen accommodation, well not the last time I checked anyway.

With that in mind, this weeks resources are some to help you get the best place to stay, whatever your budget and wherever your destination.

Unusual Hotels of the World – I love this site, as part of travel for me is to see something different. I don’t spend all that much time in the accommodation I book for travel, as I tend to be out and about, trying to see things that are a little different. This site gives you some amazing options that might even see someone like me, spending a bit more time in or around the accommodation because it’s just so different in itself!

Home Exchange – The tag line for this site is ‘Vacation anywhere. Live like a local. Stay for free.’ It’s a service that was started in the early 90’s as a printed offline book but is now a thriving online community for those willing to share their homes with other travellers. The ideal way to see a new destination but pay nothing for your accommodation. They have over 140 countries, 46,000+ listings and have facilitated over 300,000 exchanges.

9 Flats – This site, unlike the above where you exchange homes, allows you to rent someone else’s apartment/house or even igloo, in the city you have chosen to visit. Or you can register as a host and rent out your spare room for those wanting to come and see your home town or city. Gives you value for money with no expensive hotels, more home comforts as you’ll be staying in a home! And also you get insider knowledge from whoever you are renting from, so get to see the ‘real’ side of your destination, not just the touristy stuff – a similar resource is AirBnb

Wotif – this is one of my favourite sites for accommodation. It appeals to the laissez faire side of me that doesn’t like to plan, but likes to go with the flow. They started out with only accommodation but have branched out into flights and rentals too now. The element I like best, is the Mystery Deal – select your destination and you can book a room at a heavily discounted rate. The catch being, you don’t know which one you are booking! Works best for last minute deals in cities all over the world. There’s an App too! – we went to Vietnam earlier this year and this site was our saviour. We only booked our flights in and out and the 1st night’s accommodation. The rest we did in country. If Wotif’s iPad app had been working we would have used that. As it was, we couldn’t book through it, so this one was our go to resource. Great way to get discounted room rates, especially if it’s last minute. After all, the hotels have a fixed cost and would ideally have someone paying something for a room, rather than have it empty for the night.


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