Palestine during Ramadan. No problem……….

Respect for my Arab counterparts was growing

After 3 days of semi fasting, my respect for my Arab counterparts was growing! It wasn’t the lack of food so much as not being able to drink water. I usually consume about 4-5 litres a day and a couple of sneaky glasses in the kitchen area wasn’t cutting it, especially on the days I was presenting.

Today was a full schedule of meetings, no presentation but back to back hour long mentoring sessions from 9-5! Today was a long day and luckily for me, one of the guys in the office was not fasting and a couple of chocolate biscuits gave me a little energy boost mid afternoon 🙂

We were quite late leaving the office in the end and again needed to attend to the ‘real world’ again, but we did want to try the Iftar buffet one night in the hotel. 8pm was when it stopped so 7.55pm meeting time was arranged. I had brought my gym kit along as well and was going to use the facilities at least once. So managed to do some work and get into the gym but missed the 7.55pm dinner time. Scott and I must have missed each other in the lift and so it was about 8.15 when I was stood in the hallway on the 4th floor and could hear a room phone ringing. Could it be mine? Yep! Needless to say we had missed Iftar completely and dinner ended up being a burger and a pint of the local beer Taybeh in the hotel bar. Very nice too, been a while since I’ve had a burger!

Bed was calling, this not eating during the day lark is draining!

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