Common Sense, Dubai Style?

I read this one today in our local paper here in Dubai and I figured I would just share it with you guys.  Unfortunately it was Tar and Feathers this time writing in to let us know what a forward thinking city we live in.

‘Typical lack of common sense and thought, once again in Dubai today. I found that my jeep which had been parked outside our villa compound in the parking area, now had a brand new entrance road laid around it! Not only had my vehicle been tarmaced into it’s space and neatly gone around, but it was also coned and cordoned in by trusty warning tape too, obviously by the same workforce. A simple knock on the door to ask for it to be moved, by either the compound security or even the road layers themselves must have been just too much to ask. Instead, my car is now surrounded by inches of the wet stinking tar.  I am completely unable to move the car!!’

I wish this was an isolated incident and that Tar and Feathers had taken a photo, but I know that you needn’t worry, there will be more and more of these to come!

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