Battery is dying!

First of many that you will find funny, or if you live here in Dubai, you’ll relate to.

Was due at a meeting at 10.30am, so went down to the car to head off and got the dreaded noise where it sounds like it isn’t going to start. But a couple of tries and the car kicked to life, but this was my indication that the battery was on its way out. A bit annoying as had only changed it in January of this year, but headed off to the garage to get it replaced. Pulled up and explained the situation to the Garage Guy (GG) and he said, no problem, battery is under warranty, lets test your old one.

Open the bonnet and hook up the kit! Then the following conversation ensues.

GG – Ok sir, we don’t have this battery in stock.

Me – Ok, do you mean here in the workshop, or you don’t have one anywhere.

GG – we don’t have one

Me – Ok, can you order me one and tell me when it will be here?

GG – No. It’s ok sir, you can take your car now and then if you have any more problems you can call this number and I will order it for you.

Me – So I don’t need a new battery then?

GG – you can take this and if you have more problems call me and I will sort out the battery

Me – Umm, so you are saying to take the car, when it doesn’t start and I am stranded somewhere, I should then call you to get a new battery for me.

GG – Yes sir,

Me – Ok, how would I get the car and battery to you, if the battery dies and I can’t move the car?

GG – Oh, um, but we don’t have this battery in stock.

Me- so can you order me one and tell me when it will be here.

GG – No, I don’t know when it will be here

Me – Why not?

GG – Because you can take your car now, no problem

Me – What about if it breaks down and I can’t start it? Remember, we just had this conversation

GG – oh yes sir, but we don’t have this battery.

Me- Ok, you don’t have it at all, or you just don’t have it in the shop or in your warehouse?

GG – we don’t have it at all.

Quite agitated by now, so I remained calm but told him what needed to happen.

Me – Ok, so you have to order an alternative, this battery is only 7 months old, I can’t take my car in this state because you have tested the battery and know that it will go soon, so there is every chance that I will then end up stranded in the middle of downtown Deira in the 45 degree heat!

GG – ok, please move your car over here.

Me – why?

At this point Garage Guy walks to the back of the workshop and picks up, from a pile of new batteries, a replacement for my car!!

10 minutes later I leave with a brand new battery and no fear of not being able to start the car!!! Only took 2 hours of my life as well.

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