Nepal Day 9. We do get to go White Water Rafting!

Unusual Dinner

Must have been tasty regardless

After the great news the night before that the strike was over and we would be able to go rafting, it meant up early to get on  the road as it was a 5 hour trip on the wonder bus to get to the drop in site for rafting. We had all been talking about the rafting as the one thing we really wanted to do whilst we were there, so when Matt N got the call from Hari that night everyone’s energy went up and we couldn’t wait to get out on the river. Even the prospect of the initial 5 hour bus journey couldn’t dampen spirits – until we were about 3 hours in, then we just wanted to get there and get on the water! We arrived at the drop in site but there was still about an hour or so of prep to be done – not least of which was putting the 2 rafts together! It’s quite amazing what has to come down the river with you for a 3 day trip. We put 2 rafts together, one was the kit boat and the other for us. Everything has to be waterproofed, so a lot of packing and then the rafts have to be assembled and blown up and then loaded. We eventually cast off for a brief introduction to the river and before we knew it, light was fading and we had pulled up to make camp for the night. This process was quite incredible as the guides were like a well oiled machine. Camp was

Kaligandaki River

Lenny putting the toilet helmet system into practice

set  up as a system, a very familiar system that worked amazingly well. And the food that was presented to us was incredible! One of the best spaghetti bolognese I have tasted along with garlic bread, all made with a gas bottles, pans and rocks. There was also a very unusual meal that the guys were having that they let us taste – onions, cucumber, tomatoes, raw noodles and popcorn!  Surprisingly good! There there was hot coffee to round the night off with and it was to bed on the rather hard sand for the night!

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