Nepal Day 8. A Chilled Out Day

Fewa Lake

Matt Wilson all alone waiting......

Still stuck in Pokhara we decided to take some Kayaks and a pedalo out on the river for the day. Being 6ft 2inches tall and 17 stone meant that I physically couldn’t fit in the Kayak. Matt W at 6ft 4inches just about managed to squeeze himself in. Matt N and Lenny took the other 2 kayaks, so Annalisa, Rebecca and I took the support boat in the form of an ageing pedalo, which genuinely looked like a bathtub made out of concrete! We explored the Lake and the inlets to it and decided to head over to the Lychee Garden for a nice lunch. This hotel is at the base of the Stupa walk the boys did a few days earlier. On our way there we realised that the support boat was sinking, so had to stop and do some bailing out of water before we could carry on.
Luckily for us, Matt W decided to wait until we caught up before he tried his Eskimo Roll in the Kayak. Bearing in mind this was the first time he had even attempted it, the look on his face was priceless as he basically started drowning. In true friends style all we could do was sit and laugh uncontrollably! The day was the most relaxed day of the hol although still had to pedal all day on a boat designed for Nepalese people. Pedal cycle too small so v painful on the knees. Got back and over dinner received great news that the strike was off and we could go rafting. Everyone’s energy went right up as we were all very excited about the fact that a) we were getting out of Pokhara and b) we would get to raft which was the one thing everyone on the trip really really wanted to do. Couldn’t wait for tomorrow!

Fewa Lake - Lychee Garden

A big fish from Fewa Lake and our pedalo in the background! Quality

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