Nepal Day 7. It’s a beautiful sunrise, if you can see it!

Sarangkot summit

5am and can't see a thing, I'm going back to bed!

5am wake up to see sun rise over Annapurna range but the weather had other ideas, we got up and the mist and cloud were close and the visibility was basically 0. We were glad we had such awesome views the night before, but very disappointed to not see the sunrise over the amazing mountain range. I hadn’t slept well on the hard ground but after the 5am wake up, I was fully clothed in a big jacket and trousers, I rolled the sleeping back up and used it as a pillow and had best 3 hours sleep for the whole holiday! We went back to where we had had dinner to grab some breakfast and then we descended into the clouds to get down the mountain. Considering how long it took us to get up the thing, we were down remarkably quickly, although still just as hot and sweaty as the humidity was high. It was nice to have a soft bed again that night, it would appear that sleeping on the hard floor and me don’t get along at all!!

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