Nepal Day 6. Sarangkot hike

Matt W was feeling back on track and so we decided to do the 2 day trek up Sarangkot that we had planned on doing the day before. We set off with our 3 guys who carried the tents up the mountain and did so wearing flip flops and sandals. We turned up with our hiking gear and boots and shoes and struggled up the mountain, it was a hard trek but getting to the top and setting up camp, really gave us all a real sense of achievement and the views were just to die for. We had prime views of the Annapurna range, the holy mountain that has never been climbed and the various other snow covered peaks with the clouds whisping off  their tops. It was a beautiful site and watching the sun set

Fish Tail Mountain Annapurna Range

Breathtakingly beautiful

over the mountains was a moment I will treasure for many a year.
We had high hopes for the following morning as well, as the main reason for staying up the mountain was to see the sun rise over the range! The guys sourced us a place to have some Dal Baht dinner (national food of Nepal) and whilst we ate, they set up the camp fire – we all sat and chatted around the fire and 1 by 1 went off to bed. Matt W and I were last to go after sitting up with the guides learning a bit more about the state of Nepal and the strangle hold India has on it, as well as putting everything else in the world to rights!. After the hard trek, I was grateful to get my head down, even if it was on the hard hard floor of the mountain.

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