Nepal Day 5. Mr Adventure out of Action!


The range from a different angle

With Matt W out of action we didn’t want to go off on a 2 day hike as he is really into that stuff, so the following morning Matt N, Lenny and I went for a short walk to get some better pics of Annapurna range from the other side of Pokhara. Nice brief hike first thing in the morning yielded som great pics as well as a wander through the neighbourhood. We headed back into town to pick up the girls to go for a walk round the lake. The offer of horses was taken up by Annalisa an Rebecca, and after refusing the first one as it was lame, we walked round to the farm on the way and picked up a healthier looking on. So  we set off on an easy walk but interesting nonetheless, we saw the paddy fields dry and the locals building the walls to keep the water in when it came. Buffalo’s wallowing in the mud and the smallest dog in the world crossed our path too. I also saw the biggest marijuana plant just growing at the side of the road in someones garden! On the return leg I was also charged by a bull – luckily got out of his way and just got a nick on my finger for my troubles. I have never seen Lenny move so quickly. Without stopping the conversation he was well out the way and off down the track!

That evening we decided to try the Italian restaurant that had been highly recommended to us and Matt W managed to make it out to dinner and stay for his meal this time. Some energy food in a big bowl of pasta and the day was done for us.

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