Nepal Day 4. Heat Exhaustion Part 1!

Pokhara Suspension Bridge

The bouncy bridge to the caves! Real Nepal

We were coming to terms with the fact that we were basically stuck in Pokhara whether we like it or not, so we decided to make the most of it and as such, today was going to be a day of bike riding – having sworn that we would never get on the bikes that we had ridden a couple of days ago we, everyone, except Rebecca got back on them as we were told that the caves that were about 8km gently uphill away were well worth seeing. We got underway and 12km later, all uphill and not gentle we arrived at the cave entrance…… to find it was closed, at this point I was about ready to kill Hari – and to make matters worse, Rebecca called us to gloat as she was spending a nice relaxing day on a boat on the lake!! Luckily our guides was speaking to some of the locals and they told us that they had another cave that we could go and look at, so we duly followed them, over a fantastic suspesnsion bridge to other cave where we were able to see the bats and the huge
spider that was waiting on the way out. So it wasn’t a totally wasted trip. The ride back was much more enjoyable as it was all downhill, but

Pokhara heat exhastion

The beginning of the end for Matt 'Hunter' Wilson

still pretty uncomfortable on the bikes. We got back into town and gave the bikes back for good this time and met up with Rebecca for a bite too eat. It was at this point that we were first alerted to Mr Wilson fading fast! Having spent about 5 hours in the blazing sun on the bikes with no hat on – heat exhaustion was setting in. Our go anywhere adventurer friend was going nowhere. He did make it out for dinner briefly, but had to go back to the hotel before his dinner arrived as he was feeling that bad!

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