Nepal Day 3. Heading up the Stupa (Buddhist Temple)

We had agreed to meet at 7.30am to go and do a hike up to a Stupa (temple at the top of the mountain) that we could see from the roof of our hotel – at 7.30am I was ready to go and waiting on the rooftop for everyone to surface. At about 9am I think the four boys were ready to head off. Rebecca and Annalisa were feeling decidely worse for wear and ended up spending 5 hours in the same restaurant that day, eating, drinking, reading magazines and sleeping!!  The boys on the other hand set out to conquer the Stupa.

Stupa Pokhara

Looking down onto Fewa Lake from the Stupa

We had to catch a row boat across the lake to reach the starting point of the hike and rather guiltily, Matt W and I sat in a boat whilst a lady who must have been about 60 years old, rowed us across! One of our new found friends was in our boat as well. He couldn’t swim and had never been on water before!! He spent the entire 30 minute journey with his hands clamped tightly on the side of the boat! After our night out, the hike was hard. Both Lenny and I were basically sweating beer for the first hour, Matt N had wisely stopped drinking and Matt W is a tee totaller anyway. We had another example of Nepali time telling as we were told when we were about to start the climb that the top was

Stupa Pokhara

Everything is good!

only about 30 minutes away!!! Yeh right! I think in the end it took us about 2 hours to reach the top. The views were amazing and we encountered a very eccentric Nepalese guy who serenaded Matt W and was asking us for money because he had been run over by a bus! A 20 minute sit down and an ice cold Sprite later and we headed down again.  We met up with the girls in the same place they had been for the last 5 hours and had a bite to eat. Probably the slowest service in Nepal, but we were grateful that they had let us in the door, as the Maoists had dictated that they should be shut!

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