Nepal Day 2. Run off the edge of the mountain please!!

Paragliding Pokhara

Paragliding Traffic Jam!

After getting to bed at about 4.30am in the end, we were up again early as first morning was our paragliding trip. This was another one of the many highlights we were all looking forwards to, so we were up early and ready to go. We tried the breakfast from the hotel, and as they were cooking it for us in their own kitchen it was quite nice, although inedible for Annalisawho is allergic to bell peppers. The mini bus came to get us from the hotel with a couple of our pilots in and we were taken most of the way up the mountain. We had to walk the final bit and came out at the clearing that would be our take off point. Beautiful views down over Fewa lake and Pokhara. A quick briefing later and I was strapping into my pilots harness and before I knew it, I was running towards the edge of the mountain and then we were paragliding down towards the lake! I highly recommendthis experience wherever you are on holiday. If it’s available do it! And try and do it on a warm day with plenty of sun, this will create lots of thermals and increase the time you get to fly. My flight only lasted 10 minutes because I am not light – and when I took off it was slightly cloudy so we didn’t catch any thermals. What an amazing 10 minutes though. You can see some of that flight in the video section. And being first down, no one got to see me land!! I on the other hand got to see everyone land and that was more than amusing. Matt N and Annalisa just sitting down rather than hitting the ground running, were particular highlights!
After the adrenaline rush of the flights for us all, it was recommended that we go and see some of the local sites. Hari sorted us out some bikes and a guide and so after some lunch of course, we headed off with a plan to see Davis Falls and the underground temple. The bikes had definitely seen better days and so the experience was hot, sweaty and very uncomfortable. But we got to see Davis Falls from above

Storm Fewa Lake Pokhara

Storm rolling in over Fewa lake

and below and we were going to head to the musuem, but the bikes got the better of us and we headed back to the hotel and then out for an evening of revelry. Our timing was lucky, because that evening was basically the last night before the strike took full effect. So we started with an early evening cocktail/beer and obligatory round of Mo Mo’s and from there it carried on. We watched a storm roll in and the Everest and Nepal Ice Beer kept flowing. We moved on to another restaurant for dinner and more drinks and before we knew it, Rebecca’s alter ego Tracy came out and we moved on to our final destination just as the band finished up. They played 1 more song just for us and then we made our exit to your beds! A perfect end to a perfect day first day in Pokhara.

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