Nepal Day 12. Time to go home :-(

Pokhara Airport Nepal

The Crew heading into tiny Pokhara Airport

Early start this morning to catch the flight back to Kathmandu – we had decided that we would sacrifice the flight aroundEverest in order to avoid another 5 hour trip in a Nepali bus! So we woke early and got to the airport to jump on our Yeti Airlinesflight from Pokara to Kathmandu – 25 minutes later we touched down in Kathmandu!! Only issue then was that our flight back to Dubaiwasn’t checking in for another 3 hours. So we took over a few seats and sett led into books, ipods and the occasional snooze.

Eventually our desk opened and the wonderful ‘manual’ check in process commenced. Considering there isn’t a computer in sight, the process was efficient and we were upstairs tucking into coffee. Matt W then found an air conditioned restuarant upstairs with a TV in it, so surprisingly as was the theme to this holiday along with a lot of exercise – we ate one last time on Nepalese soil, watched some Judge Dredd and waited for our flight to board. As soon as the board changed to ‘boarding’ we started moving to the plane but were somehow the last there, so were straight on, into our seats and on our way back to Dubai, exhausted and for me sad to be ending our amazing break in the beautiful country.

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