Nepal Day 10. Heat Exhaustion Part 2!

Not the most comfortable nights sleep meant I was up at about 6.00am and watching the sun rise above the rocks surrounding us in the river valley bed. Quite beautiful and relaxing. The guides were already up making breakfast and boiling water for morning coffee. Watching the sun break over the canyon walls with a hot cup of coffee was perhaps one of the most tranquil moments I experienced during the 12 days. Breakfast was again a veritable feast of energy food, with toast and eggs and porridge and potatoes and then it was time to decommission the camp again. We took down our own tents and with amazing speed the guys decamped, water proofed everything and loaded up the rafts and we were ready to hit the river for a full day on the water.

It was an exhilerating day on the water in the morning and with the water coming straight from the mountains it was freezing. But that

Drown Lenny and Wilson

Where's Lenny?

didn’t stop us jumping in and floating down river on the current. Whilst on the boat and going through the rapids the adrenaline is pumping and the rapids seem quite big – the DVD we got afterwards proved otherwise! Somehow during the course of the morning out on the open river, going through the rapids and out in the sun, going under waterfalls I managed to get a little sun exposure – when we stopped for lunch I wasn’t feeling at all well. Muscles were exhausted and just felt like I needed to go to sleep. But unlike Mr Wilson who had 24 hours to recover, I had to get back on the raft and paddle for a few more hours and the extreme cold of the water did keep me on my toes! I was quite glad to get to camp at the end of day 2 of rafting and all I wanted to do was sleep, which was a real shame as this was the main evening of  entertainment. I couldn’t eat and just wanted to sleep, I fell asleep whilst the guys were making dinner and then when the fire was lit and the songs started I had to crawl into my tent and sleep. I couldn’t even
eat the cake the guys made, which I still wonder how they put the whole thing together! On the upside, when we got the DVD I did see some of the goings on that evening – Matt Wilson’s dance moves around the fire being of particular interest!

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