Nepal Day 1. We’re going on an adventure!

3am and the alarm went off. Up early to shower and then out the door to get the taxi.The Crew – Rebecca, Annalisa (my sis), Matt N (my brother in law), Matt W, Jonathan Lane (Lenny)and me. Rebecca was picking up Annalisa andMatt (sister and brother-in-law) and heading to the airport and I was picking up Lenny and Matt on my way. Things didn’t get off to a great start as Annalisa, my sister called me and said that Rebecca hadn’t picked them up. Luckily by the time the three of us were en route, Annalisa had called to say that even after going to their house numerous times, she had managed to get lost on the way and wasn’t answering her phone because it was in her bag in the boot of her car! In the end we all made it in good time and by 7am we were sat in Costa with a coffee and some breakfast, excited to get on the plane and off to Nepal. We knew that there was some political unrest happening in Nepal, but we had been assured and we thought that we would be fine. A short, excellent flight with Fly Dubai later, we touched down in Kathmandu and into the wonderful immigration process.
In this international airport, there are no computers! We queued for about an hour and separated into different queues, I chose very unwisely but luckily Matt N and Lenny got me into their queue as they progressed through. We were the last people through and our bags were in a pile at the side of the belt! The usual cacophony of guys trying to get money from you greeted us as we came out. Our guys were there and we got into the mini bus heading into Kathmandu city centre only after various attempts to extract money from us, for moving a bag 2cm closer to the bus. Hari advised us that we should leave Kathmandu as soon as possible due to the imminent strike due to the political unrest and we had every intention of doing just that, just as soon as we had some lunch. Little did we know that lunch would take 3 hours and that this would lead to a 12 hour mini bus trip to Pokhara. We left Kathmandu at 4pm and finally got to, our base for a lot longer than originally anticipated, The Village Inn at 3.30am the following morning!! A soft bed and a shower were all we needed and I have never been so grateful for just that!

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