Nepal Day 11. Final Day of Rafting

Kaligandaki River

Final Day's rafting and paddling

Woke up feeling a bit better but still not quite right and still couldn’t face food. Day 3 was half a day of rafting to get to the exit point. Having been at the front of the boat for the first 2 days I moved to the back so as to be a little less involved. We had an early start as always and after the now familiar decamp we were on the water for the final stretch.  Today was going to be a morning of rafting and then we had about and hours paddling on calm water to reach the exit point. This didn’t fill me with enthusiasm as paddling a flat bottomed boat for over an hour in the sun wasn’t really what I should have been doing. The upside was that when we hit the flat water, there was an engined boat that could tow us. However, we were up early and on the river earlier than we had thought and we reached the flat water ahead of schedule and the 1 powered boat still had about an hour’s worth of unloading to go. Our guides told us that it would be about an hours paddle, so we decided to start paddling. It was hard work and about an hour in to the paddling we had had enough! As luck would have it, as we reached our paddling limit the boat chugged into view behind us and towed us the remaining 20 minutes to the exit point, where we dismantled and carried everything up the broken path to the waiting bus and the 5 hour trip back to Pokhara after another wondrous meal produced by the guys. I still wasn’t really up to food but did manage to get a piece of mango down.

The bus ride wasn’t something we were looking forward to especially as our experience with bus rides whilst in Nepal was that whatever length of time we were told, it was 3 times longer! Unfortunately, this time they were right and we had a 5 hour trip back to Pokhara. The original plan was to take the 5 hour trip back to Pokhara, have a quick shower and then take another 5 hour trip back to Kathmandu so that we could spend the evening there and be up early for the Everest flight. After literally hitting the roof of the bus 3 times whilst trying to sleep, we all decided that we would try and see if there were any seats on a flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu. As luck would have it, our guy Hari managed to find us 6 seats. This meant that we had 1 final evening in the town we had spent a lot more time in that we had ever anticipated. More importantly it meant we had a relaxed evening, where we weren’t rushing to get somewhere and we could just experience Pokhara in normality, with the shops open, the shutters up, the streets busy and traffic rushing past. It was a fitting last night in Nepal.

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