Lebanon Snowboarding Weekend – Day 2

Day 2

Having gone to bed reasonably early, we set the alarms to get up relatively early, have breakfast, sort out Matt and Morwenna’s
equipment and then hit the slopes. Matt N was up early which meant that coffee was made as I surfaced. Eggs and toast weren’t far
behind. We also ordered Sajj from downstairs (Sajj is a light bread with a choice of fillings, cheese cheese and ham, Zaatar or
Chocolate) There hadn’t been any snow overnight so we were expecting a little bit of ice up on the slopes but we were all looking
forward to getting out there and showing Morwenna and Matt the slopes.

Lenny had taken a couple of Voltaren Retards 🙂 and his knee was feeling much better today. There was some considerable worry, mostly from Lenny, that he would have to sit out a day! But the pills had done their job and he was out there with us. So that Matt N and Morwenna could get their ski legs we hit the green slopes again ‘Baby’ which again was fine by me. Not least of which because I seemed to have forgotton how to turn on to my toe edge since the day before!! A couple of bounces off the compact snow and I started to remember 🙂

Lebanon Snowboarding


We started to explore the ski runs a little bit after we had all found our ski and snowboarding legs. It’s all very

Snowboarding Lebanon

All smiling still at the top of the mountain!

well getting some practice in at the lower slopes, but you do tend to spend a lot more of your time on the lifts than on the slopes. So we headed a bit further up the mountain and had some good fun heading down again. It was challenging and again, Lenny did extremely well. It really didn’t hit home properly till the end of the weekend that this was his first ski holiday!  The picture on the right is all of us at the top of the highest run we all did together. As you can see, there’s a mix of skiers and snowboarders which made for some interesting runs, especially when there was a lot of transitions, which weren’t that steep. For the most part though, we stayed together as a group.  The end of this particular run ends at a little cafe, so a nice cup of hot chocolate awaited us as we descended. Usually it would be a coffee or tea, but unfortunately, powdered milk in either just doesn’t work for me and it didn’t work in the drinks either. First day I went for tea and ended up with that great big lump of powder at the bottom of the cup!! Gross.

After we managed this run, Annalisa, Morwenna and Lenny decided to call it a day, so Matt squared and I decided we would head up the mountain again. We did a couple more runs and put together the run we did earlier as a group, without stopping at the cafe, and eventually managed to keep up enough speed to get all the way through the transitions without having to resort to the snowboarders nightmare of hopping, or ‘skateboarding’ along! We stayed on the slopes till they closed the lifts and headed back to the apartment. It was at this point, we were oh so grateful for the location of our apartment.

Lebanon Snowboarding Weekend

Morwenna, Annalisa and Matt and the apartment

The picture on the right shows Morwenna on the lift and Annalisa and Matt on the one behind. But off to the left in the background there is a sign ‘Sports Experts’ and 3 floors above this is where we were staying, so we were literally a 3 minute walk to the slopes. This paid off big time because the traffic trying to get out of the car park and onto the road down the slope took hours to disperse. We couldn’t believe it. The road is a 2 lane, 2 way road, but in front of our apartment it was 6 lanes of traffic, all going downhill! Well done Matt N and Annalisa for sorting out a brilliant location!

After finishing on the slopes and having to listen to a fire engine’s siren for 40 minutes outside the apartment because it couldn’t get passed the 6 lanes of traffic to get down the mountain, we decided it was time to go and get some dinner. We went off in the direction of the Intercontinental hotel again and were contemplating the diner type restaurant when Annalisa spotted a fondue restaurant above it and this was far more appealing. We had a cheese fondue, a hot rock and a reblochette between us. Basically, there was so much food, and if you wanted more, you could have more! Most of us ate way too much and even after the walk back up the mountain, still felt uncomfortably full. Great food and another great day, just wish I could control myself when it comes to yummy food!!

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