Wadi Adventure – It’s Awesome

This post is an amalgamation post, as we have been to Wadi Adventure twice since it opened and as the title suggests, it’s awesome. Only an hour or so up the road from Dubai, and you have a dedicated facility to cater to your water based adrenaline needs. The first trip up there, we literally had the entire park to ourselves, three of us and two other guys using the Kayaks, Literally that was it. Admittedly this was during their soft opening phase, as we had a chat to the guy that was running the place, having come over from the States to do so. It was like having our own private adventure water  park.

First thing to get on then was the white water rafting. I’ve done this a couple times, once in Canada and once in Nepal, so wanted to see what they had done with their set up. There is a little safety briefing first of all, where you sit in a room and watch a video. All made sense and second time round was nice to get out of the heat and into an AC’d room for 5 minutes. Then it was out to get kitted up and into the boats. They have a beginner route to get you used to the raft and the movement etc, it’s also to gauge whether or not you should really be let loose on the more adventurous run. You have to listen to the instructions from your guide in order to navigate the course and stay in the boat (in theory) Incidentally, most of the guides are nepalese, ours recognised the area that we had rafted in Nepal. So you are in very good hands, and definitely pay attention to them!!

The rafting is needless to say, great fun! There is an element of danger there and on the second visit, got to experience a couple of the rapids without a raft!! Just adopt the position and go with the flow! (see what I did there) I did get quite a nasty rope burn across my neck as a result of being ‘saved’ from the side. 2 of us came out and somehow, Geoff’s rope that was thrown out second got pulled taught just as it got me wrapped up in it!! Both of us were safely to shore though and back in the boat that had stopped just down stream a bit. You pay 100AED for an hour if I remember rightly and you’ll get a few shots in that time for sure.

What I also tried for the first time ever, was surfing. And after an hour of trying to get up on that bloody thing, I can see why surfers are all super ripped athletic types. It’s bloody tiring paddling and trying desperately to stand up – if you’re a beginner, an hour is definitely enough – all three of us, including Matt ‘Hunter’ Wilson were pretty tired out after the session and even though was wearing a rash vest had a very red front!!! Great experience and was just about getting to my feet by the end of the hour and that was in spite of Lenny consistently cutting me up and trying to kill me on his board 🙂

I highly recommend getting a couple friends together and heading down there. The restaurant does relatively good food and part of your entry fee gets you a 25AED coupon to spend in there.

Matt Wilson

Whichever way you look at it – you are a big girl!

Milkshakes are apparently quite good as well, even if you do look like a big girl drinking them. All in all, it’s a great day out and for the time being, pretty good value for money. The second time we went we also went on the outdoor rope walk and zip line. The Rope walk is great fun, you strap yourself onto a safety line and then try and get round the course – scary and entertaining and another one of those times where you put all your faith in the kit you are using. There is two levels, as well as a massive log swing (additional cost) and once you’ve done the rope walks, you get to fly over the park on a zip wire!! Make sure you start running though when you get to the other end, as the guys need some help stopping you. For those of you 6ft 2inches and above, keep your legs up as well as there’s a couple of rock structures and some cabbagery that you’ll graze upon if you’re not careful.

After the summer, make some time and get down there – the kids pool area is great for family and there is acres of space when it comes to beds and chilling out. You can even go for the VIP option, if you like………

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