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American Airlines old planes

Can this be real life? No individual Screen on an 8 hour flight?

As a travel enthusiast. I love reading other blogs of people who are out there, doing what I love doing, but doing it more often.

They are interesting people with some amazing stories and experiences of lands I have been to and those that are on my to do list. I know a couple of them personally and there is something for everyone in the list. Just because I am a guy, doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in what a family’s take on a destination is, or some of the issues that the solo female traveller comes up against. It all makes for great reading, and I frequently read all of these with a hot cup of coffee in hand, either in the back garden or in one of the many coffee shops in Dubai, they always give me inspiration for my next trip too, whether near or far!


The solo female traveller – Footsteps of a Wanderer – Sam is a good friend of mine and an avid travel fan and blogger. Knowing her personally, I can see how she ends up in some of the predicaments she does. But it’s all very entertaining reading. In fact, I look forward to a trip with Sam in the new year, to maybe somewhere like Yemen. So keep an eye out for that post in the new year.

The Family traveller – Expat Explorers – I know Helen from the blogging scene in Dubai, although her and her family are recently relocated to Singapore so expect plenty more handy hints and insider tips for travel in and around South East Asia.

The long term traveller – Nomadic Matt – Matt’s blog is one I really enjoy, as he is an out and out traveller. He’s been travelling the world since 2006, and I don’t mean going on holiday, he went away for 12 months planned, didn’t come back until 18 months later, stopped  home after 18 months and 3 months later was off again.Which to me is just incredible, what’s even better, is that he has numerous tips and tricks to always get the best deal and the most for your money but not sacrifice quality or comfort. A great read anytime for any travel enthusiast.

Regarded by the Lonely Traveller as one of the best travel blogs in the world – Inside the Travel Lab – and according to Google is one of the most popular, Abi is a doctor who gave up that life to travel. Her blog is both inspiring and mesmerising. It’s a great example of someone putting their mind to their passion and living the life of their dreams. She takes a friendly but informative approach that makes for easy reading anytime.

And the last one on this tiny list – there are so many more but will save them for another time – is the hilarious Johnny Vagabond – this guy is touring the world and keeping me in stitches as he does so. The most normal of things is often turned into a hilarious out take from his life. If you are feeling down, and want a smile, I was going to whittle it down to his Crazy Stories section, but actually just read any of it!!

Enjoy and catch you next time.



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