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Last weekend I spent in Ras Al Khaimah (the other Emirate) As you may know the United Arab Emirates are split into 7 individual Emirates and last weekend was a Product Launch & Development Bootcamp delivered by my mentor Ernesto Verdugo. We stayed in the Khatt Springs Hotel and although only just over an hour’s travelling time, once there, it  felt like a completely different country!!

The Khatt Springs hotels sits very close to the mountains and as such has a spa with ‘hot’ pools, naturally heated by the rocks! 42 degrees C, proved to be a bit much for some, but does wonders for your skin! The Springs are at the bottom of the hill but a shuttle bus runs as required until 9pm. The hotel itself from afar, looks like a prison, sat all alone raised up on a hill just below the shadow of the mountains. It’s quite easy to get to, but don’t put too much faith in the map on their website, it is very deceiving. We thought we’d gone the wrong way but it’s just quite a bit further than you might think.

Our group over the weekend, varied from 8 to 18 people and I am not sure that they are used to catering to a group that size, full of energy and in need of refreshment frequently! The food was very good and the rooms more than adequate. It is feeling quite dated now and is quite unique in that you can still smoke inside, in the lobby. As a non smoker, it’s not a pleasant entrance and you can see the smoke over the years is starting to show in the lobby, as it looks drab and dirty. The amenities downstairs in the basement are very good. There are separate mens and womens indoor pools with Sauna, Steam Room and Ice Room, a gym and then an outdoor communal pool.

Both evenings I was there, we ended dinner and moved outside to the patio for Shisha. Again, just over an hour away from Dubai but the temperature was significantly lower and it was the first time since June that it was possible to actually sit outside. Both nights we were the last to leave, the lights had been turned out and if anyone reading this was there; I apologise on behalf of everyone for the noise and any disturbance caused!!

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