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I am very lucky and happen to live in a thriving tourist destination. As such, I feel obliged to share with you the goings on in my home town, but what could be your next holiday destination.
Feel free to post questions and comments, especially if you are planning on coming to Dubai anytime soon.

Holidaying in Dubai is very different from living here and sometimes a 2 week visit will really give you a great insight to the top layer of Dubai. Live here for more than a year or so and you start to see the cracks that appear very quickly below the shiny top coat. Having said that it is still an amazing place to live, although very much changed over the 15 years I have been coming here, it still beats the UK as a place to live and work! Not least of which because of the weather. We are in the middle of our summer and the temperature is up at 43 degrees on a daily basis now. Dubaians  have been inside for the last  couple of months, with DVD nights and indoor activities are the order of the day until about end of September time early October

It’s quite an amazing city really and packs a whole host of activities into it. The winter months, from September through to May, evenings and weekends are packed with golf, desert driving, watersports, bbq’s, camping trips, hiking, kayaking to name but a few. The Summer pushes us all indoors but you can still go skiing on the indoor ski slope, you can shop till you drop with the plethora of shopping malls and you have the staples, like bowling, ice skating and of course friends houses, for dinner parties, social get togethers or just a coffee and a chat.
It’s a multi cultural melting pot of nationalities, beliefs, cultures and driving styles!! Unlike any other country, Dubai has developed over the last 60 years, from a pearling desert oasis, into what you see before you today. No other city in the world has developed this quickly and sometimes this really does show through. Dubai has trouble keeping up with itself and the recent economic downturn has exascerbated this situation.

It’s eccentricities are part of the attraction of this place and whilst certain situations will leave you fuming for days, retelling the story to a group of friends over excellent cuisine is a national past time here in Dubai.  I will relay some of the situations and photos that you perhaps won’t quite believe, just to give you a small insight into real life in Dubai. They will be categorised as ‘Only in Dubai’

Having said all this, I would wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Dubai for a visit and I’ll show you and review some of the things you absolutely have to do whilst you are here! One of the benefits of this place is that you meet people from all walks of life and have the opportunity to do things you definitely wouldn’t get to do in other places. Take for example the other weekend. A friend of mine was reviewing the new Bentley Supersports Convertible and asked if I might be interested in a ride in it to take some pictures!! I am a petrol head and literally bit his hand off. It was actually the day of a joint birthday party for my girlfriend and I, and I would have quite happily not gone to that,  in exchange for a few more hours in the company of the Bentley! What a car.  In Dubai, you can become oblivious to the Super cars on display as you do see a lot of Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Rolls Royces and the like all over the place. But the Bentley really stands out!

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