Camping by the Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah

5 star camping by the Banyan Tree RAK

It was time to take Felcity, the Raptor out into the desert and see what she was made of . Nothing too challenging, just a nice easy introduction to the desert, duning and some Baja style speed cross country followed by a night out under the stars, BBQ, drinks and good company.

Campsite at Banyan Tree RAK

Camp RAK Banyan Tree

We had a three car convoy with an FJ Cruiser, a Jeep and of course the Raptor.  We had a good couple of hours exploring the dunes around the Banyan Tree as it’s a good introductory place to get used to how the car handles in the sand. I previously had an F150 with the 6ft bed on the back, but I had put 20 inch alloys and low profile tyres on it which meant when I ventured off road in it, I got stuck, a lot!! The Raptor on the other hand, is built for off roading. 11 inches of travel at the front and a foot of travel at the back, Fox suspension and a 6.2 litre V8, make for an awesome machine off road. I was very happy with the introduction to the sand and Felicity made light work of the dunes and loved the cross country sprints. I look forward to taking her back out into something a little more challenging. Although perhaps not as challenging as Liwa as the last trip out there I understand was quite costly for some 🙂

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